The Full House Combo                  $8.99        2 pancakes + 2 eggs + 2 sausage + 2 bacon + Q’s red potatoes
                                                                                              adds up to one great breakfast!        
The Small Combo                            $7.49       2 pancakes, 1 egg, 2 sausage or 2 bacon and Q’s red potatoes
Eggs & Bacon                                  $7.49       2 eggs any style, 3 strips of bacon, Q’s red potatoes & toast
Steak & Eggs                                  $12.99       A juicy 10-oz Flatiron steak, 2 eggs, Q’s red potatoes & toast
Ham Steak & Eggs                         $9.89       8 ounces of grilled ham, 2 eggs, Q’s red potatoes & toast
Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs         $9.89       Tender breaded beef smothered in country gravy,
                                                                                                  2 eggs and biscuits
Cinnamon French Toast                $8.29        Thick-sliced sweet French bread served with 2 eggs
Breakfast Burrito                             $7.49        Scrambled eggs, potatoes, your choice of bacon, ham or
                                                                        sausage and cheddar cheese all rolled up in a warm flour
                                                                                          tortilla with salsa on the side.

OMELETS           Our three-egg omelets are filled with a wide variety of fresh, tasty
                    ingredients. Served with Q’s red potatoes and toast, cornbread or a biscuit.

Golden Gate Omelet                     $9.89         Avocado, mushrooms & jack cheese
Denver Omelet                              $9.89         Ham, bell peppers, onions & cheese
New Orleans Omelet                    $9.89         Cajun sausage, ham, green onion, tomatoes & cheese
Texas Omelet                               $10.49         Smoked beef brisket, green chiles & cheese
New Mexico Omelet                     $9.89         Ham, tomatoes, cilantro, Ortega chiles, jack cheese,
                                                                                              salsa & sour cream
Build Your Own Omelet              Price:         Very Reasonable!          What’s in your favorite omelet?
Small Ham & Cheese Omelet     $7.99         A smaller omelet for smaller appetites, includes toast
                                                                                              and Q’s red potatoes

SCRAMBLES     Our two-egg scrambles include fresh, hand-cut ingredients and are served
                                                         with Q’s red potatoes.

Tri-Tip & Mushroom Scramble  $10.49        Marinated tri-tip sautéed with mushrooms & jack cheese,
                                                                                                     served with toast
Southern Scramble                         $8.69        Buttermilk biscuits topped with scrambled eggs, sausage
                                                                                                     & country gravy
All-American Scramble                 $8.69        Eggs, diced bacon & cheddar cheese, served with toast
Ranchero Scramble                       $8.69        Diced peppers, onions, tomatoes, ham, cheese, salsa
                                                                                                     & flour tortillas
California Scramble                       $8.99        Avocado, spinach, jack cheese, tomatoes, onion & peppers,
                                                                                                   served with toast

Biscuits & Gravy                           $3.99        Two eggs any style                  $3.99
Q’s red potatoes                            $3.89        Bacon or sausage                    $4.29
Ham steak                                     $4.89        Toast or biscuits                      $2.49
Short Stack                                     $3.99        French Toast single                $3.29

                                                 Maple and  Boysenberry syrup available

                                  Breakfast served weekends ‘til 2 pm